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Peter roka

unity VR programmer

Developer on Robo-ko

during my time at enver studios, I was one of the main programmers on robo-ko. I contributed with not only my VR programming skills, but also with my game design ideas.

Developer on Moto X

After some time with robo-ko, i got moved onto another VR project called motox where i had to fix some ui/audio bugs

Runtime triangulation

My own indie game focuses on letting the player form the game environment to their liking to encourage tactical gameplay. With real-time 3D procedural modelling, the player is able to create holes in the walls.

I am 15

I know that might sound too young, but I started Lego EV3 programming at 8, and moved onto Unity at 11.

I’ve won multiple Lego sumo races and even got 2nd place in my entire country. Lego programming gave me a solid foundation, and I’ve learned to make complex algorithms with basic programming blocks. When I started C#, I learnt to create object-oriented, clean code. My learning was accelerated by a private teacher, who was able to get me into the “real deal” fast.¬†

I started working with Enver Studios 

as a VR developer about 1 year ago. There, I was able to work as part of a team, do prototyping, time management, etc. 

During the school year, I am able to work around 10 hours a week, but during the summer, I am expecting 10-20 hours/week. Due to my circumstances (school, location, ect.), I need an environment that is fully remote and is flexible with my hours. I am looking for VR and non VR jobs too. (My English is on C1 level)

Please get in touch with me at ropifox@gmail.com or at LinkedIn